Why Ridesharing Makes Sense

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11 Jul 2016

You could walk out and hail a cab on the street, but in many cities you’re not guaranteed the best or most fairly priced ride. With the rise of ridesharing apps like Stroll Guam, you can travel easier, safer and less expensively.

Travel Easier

With ridesharing apps, you can get from point A to B much, much easier. Using Stroll Guam you simply enter your current destination and where you want to go. The app will then match you with a driver that’s nearest. Once the driver has confirmed your booking, they’ll be with you in no time to pick you up and take you to your destination via the quickest route.

Travel Safer

All Stroll Guam drivers are over 21 and have a car no more than 10 years old. We interview each and every driver and check their care to meet our high safety standards.

Furthermore, before your driver arrives, you’ll receive information on the driver we’ve matched you with via the app, giving you a driver rating, name, number plate and car details. We’ll also monitor all cars via GPS to guarantee we know where you and our drivers are at all times.

Travel Fairer

When taking into account the notorious taxi drivers of Guam who tend to hike prices for tourist and even locals, ride sharing apps such as Stroll Guam come as a welcome arrival. Here’s a brief breakdown of how much you can travel on a journey in Guam by using Stroll Guam over conventional taxis:

Stroll Guam charges a base fare of $1.00, a service fee of $1.15 and a rate of $0.50 per minute and $1.25 per mile. For a journey from Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport to the Merizo Pier, Stroll Guam would cost you:

$1.00 + $1.15 + (0.5 x 50) + (1.25 x 24) = $57.15
Total saving using Stroll Guam = $25.85 (compared to figures provided on VisitGuam.com)

Start using Stroll Guam now, download our app below!