Using Stroll Guam is Easy & Safe for Everyone

Post by am
08 Aug 2016

We know, from our own experience, that getting around Guam can be difficult, with poor public transport facilities and expensive taxis; that’s why we have created Stroll Guam, the new faster, fairer and cheaper way to travel around the island. Once you’ve downloaded the App and registered your details, you’re good to go!

So Easy…

We’ve done everything possible to make Stroll Guam simple and transparent to use:

  • When you need us, just select your destination on the app’s easy-to-read Map Locator, and we are immediately notified of your request.
  • We’ll locate the nearest driver and once they have confirmed their availability, you will receive their phone number, a description of their car and license plate number. Furthermore, all Stroll Guam cars clearly display our logo sticker on the front windscreen for easy identification.
  • Your designated driver will be with you in minutes, and will already have worked out the quickest, most comfortable route to your destination – you can just sit back and relax!

So Safe…

Your safety is paramount at all times; all our drivers are handpicked, interviewed and carefully vetted by our team for their honesty, driving ability and friendliness; all cars, none of which can be over 10 years old, are diligently inspected for roadworthiness and compliance with safety standards.

We monitor your journey at all times – we know when you’ve been picked up, where your destination is, and when you get there. And we are in regular contact with your driver to be sure your journey is moving smoothly

Finally, using Stroll Guam is a cashless transaction – your nominated credit / debit card will only be charged once you’ve reached your destination – so there is never a need to open wallets or purses.

Nothing is easier, nothing safer than a ride with Stroll Guam!
Download below… : )