Post by am
18 Mar 2016

The world’s most well known (and sometimes most controversial) private taxi company has made the headlines plenty of times since its launch – and not always for the right reasons.


Uber has been increasingly plagued by scandalous headlines. From the recent outrage and protests this year by Uber drivers in New York after hearing they would be receiving 15% less for rides, to accusations of sexual assault by its drivers, there seems to be no good news coming from the private taxi giant.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from using services like Uber. As argued by Business Insider, using Uber is probably one of, if not the, safest ways to get a taxi in most countries.


Why Uber is safer than conventional taxis:

  • Drivers are registered and tracked via GPS
  • No cash payment needed, everything can be paid for automatically on your credit or debit card
  • You don’t need to hail a taxi off the street – which in some countries can be dangerous and leave you vulnerable to being ripped off.
  • Every journey by every user and driver is recorded



The team behind Stroll Guam has made every effort to ensure all users (and drivers for that matter) can journey throughout Guam safely, easily and fairly.


How Stroll makes things safe:

  1. Handpicked & Interviewed Drivers – Every applicant who passes the initial requirements is invited for an interview, face-to-face with a representative of Stroll Guam. Only those who pass all checks will become a driver.
  2. Help Lines – If you’re ever in need of assistance, simply use the Stroll Guam app to contact our Help Line.
    Cars No Older than 10 Years – All Stroll drivers have their cars thoroughly checked. No cars older than 10 years are allowed to be used.
  3. No Cash – You won’t need any cash. Both convenient and safer if you’re worried about carrying cash.
  4. Rated Drivers – Leave a review and see other’s reviews before you ride.
  5. Fairer Price – Guam is notorious for expensive taxis. With Stroll Guam, you’re guaranteed the same rate every time.


Stroll Guam won’t stop there either; they’re always on the lookout for ways to improve their services to ensure that all users get where they want without any hassle whatsoever.

Learn how to Sign-Up or Drive for Stroll Guam today!