The Top Ways to Be Eco-Friendly When You Travel

Post by am
01 Aug 2016

With the dominance of smartphones and a raft of start-ups coming up with easier ways to travel, more eco-friendly travel is on the rise. Here are our top tips for traveling greener.

Pack Light

It’s simple, the more weight planes, trains, cars and buses have to transport, the more fuel they have to use. Pack light and not only will you save yourself the literal backache, you’ll also be traveling greener.

Green Hotels

There are numerous green hotels around the world now. By that, we mean hotels that are doing their utmost to reduce their carbon footprint. Be sure to check any prospective accommodation accreditation before you book. There are green options for every budget – all you have to do is make a choice to be aware.

Travel Green

Whenever you have alternatives to flying, consider them for the environmental benefits. The truth is that arriving at Guam is pretty impossible otherwise, so it’s really important once you arrive you make an effort to offset that carbon. One great way you can choose to be greener is by how you travel about the island, and ridesharing may be your best and greenest option.


Unlike taxis that roam around cities consuming gallons of fuel and pumping carbon into the atmosphere as they search for a customer, ridesharing apps link a driver with a passenger. Not only that, by they connect those that are closest to reduce travel time and thus fuel use.

Applications such as Stroll Guam use these exact policies. Once a driver has been found to match a nearby passenger, they will take the most convenient route to your destination, meaning no tricky taxi drivers trying to boost their fares. Furthermore, traveling with Stroll Guam means you are using a Stroll driver’s very own approved car. This equates to less cars on the road and more efficient car pooling.

Travel Guam the green way – Download Stroll today!