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09 Jun 2016

Stroll brings a range of great economic, environmental and safety benefits to Guam.

Stroll Guam is a new app that allows the island’s residents and visitors to use their smartphones to book a car with a qualified driver in order to get anywhere they want to go. Not only is it an affordable, easy and convenient way to get around, it’s also a new business that offers Guam a host of benefits.


Working for Stroll is a great way for locals to earn additional income. Anyone aged 21 and above, who owns a car built in 2005 or later, can make money by working when they want. Stroll puts money, from both tourists and locals, directly back into the local economy. For users it’s also a great way to save money – check out our blog on how much you can save.


Using Stroll, friends and families can share lifts rather than each taking their own car – fewer cars on the road mean less pollution. All Stroll cars being are environmentally friendy 2005 or later vehicles. Using Stroll keeps polluting junk buckets off the road…


Using Stroll on an evening out is a safe and smart alternative to driving under the influence. Since all Stroll drivers are vetted – you know that you, your family members and friends are in good hands.


Stroll frees up a lot of additional time. Passengers can make use of Stroll’s in-car wifi to work or do chores when travelling around Guam, instead of having to concentrate on the road.

Stroll Guam is more than just a great way to get around – it’s a transportation revolution that will bring the island forward!

To make the most of these benefits, start strolling today!
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