Stroll Sponsors – Sharing a Vision for Guam

Post by am
12 May 2016

Stroll Guam is offering a new platform to help local businesses.

Stroll Guam was founded by Amit Sachdev to provide a much needed alternative to Guam’s high priced taxis and woefully inadequate public transport system.

The service offers both residents and tourists a cheap, easy and convenient way to get around the island. Part of the vision of the company is to also help further boost Guam’s economy by providing local people with a way to earn extra money in their own time.

But Amit’s aim isn’t just to help Guam’s economy through employing drivers.


The Stroll Guam app will also be working with sponsors. A dedicated page, called spotlight, will feature advertising for local businesses.

With the ability to offer special deals, discounts and services, the page will be an excellent opportunity for local businesses to connect with both the residents and tourists who will use Stroll Guam’s service.

Users will even be able to tap on a business, service or event that has drawn their eye and they will be able to stroll directly to the featured destination.

Stroll Guam’s spotlight feature will be one of the only services, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, to offer mobile advertising in multiple languages in Guam.

It’s part of Stroll Guam’s plan to boost the local economy and drive tourism.

As founder Amit observes: ‘Stroll gets more successful when I can help more businesses’. The spotlight feature is a great way to help them.

It’s all part of Stroll Guam’s aim to keep money in the economy and help local people and Amit looks forward to welcoming local sponsors who understand and share his vision.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can work with Stroll Guam, then get in touch.