Start-Up Successes & Failures – True Stories from Stroll Guam’s Founder

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04 May 2016

Stroll Guam’s Amit Sachdev shares some of the lessons he has learned from running his previous start-up.


Bringing affordable app-based transport that anyone can afford to use to Guam isn’t Stroll Guam founder Amit Sachdev’s first foray into the start-up world.

For the past five years, Amit has been involved with the launch and development of California based music website Teambackpack.

Recently celebrating its millionth like on Facebook, the website that champions underground hip hop talent has come a long way.

We sat down with Amit to find out more about his experience.


Through developing Teambackpack, Amit learned a lot about creating online communities. ‘I learned how to effectively use Facebook and other social media platforms to help market to and grow a core following,’ says Amit.

Being able to steadily and gradually grow Teambackpack’s community into the successful site it is today was an important factor in encouraging Amit to found Stroll Guam.

As Amit explains: ‘Knowing how to get people engaged gave me the confidence to venture into this business model’.


That’s not to say that working on Teambackpack didn’t have it’s own challenges. One of the biggest was to get people to believe in what they were trying to do.

The website featured open mic cypher videos featuring several underground artists performing together.

‘We were the first ones to really try and make a name for underground artists,’ explains Amit.

With success proving elusive in the first years, most people would have been tempted to give up. Through perseverance, however, the format became popular and by 2011 a core fanbase was established.


Amit knows that it will take to time to establish Stroll Guam: ‘Being the first tech start-up in Guam, the biggest issue will be to get people to see my vision and understand that technology really can take Guam to the next level’.

With tourism such an important part of the economy and with so much competition from other Asian markets, Amit believes services like Stroll Guam can a play vital role in providing the infrastructure to support its growth as well as the local economy.

‘I looked at the economic landscape of guam and realised poeple are willing to work but want to do it in their own time,’ says Amit.

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