On the Road – Getting Around Guam

Post by am
27 May 2016

Reliable transportation is surprisingly difficult to come across in Guam, until now.

Stroll Guam was started to help solve a serious problem: it’s very difficult to get around Guam. Not only is there a lack of public transport, but private options are prohibitively expensive.

Public transport

In Guam, public transport means busses which are unreliable. With irregular services and unknown journey times, taking public transport can take a long time and doesn’t make much sense.

If you need to be somewhere at a certain time, the chances are you’ll either arrive very early or very late if you take a bus – neither of which is ideal.

Moreover, with many busses geared more towards serving tourists, public transport is a particularly bad option for locals.

At the same time, with some busses lacking windows, Guam’s hot weather and changeable weather can also make public transport a challenge for visitors

Private transport

So if public transport is a challenge what other options are there? Taxis would be the logical answer but unfortunately, in Guam, they’re just too expensive for everyone.

With taxis charging by the quarter mile, fares rack up very quickly, making their services out of reach to locals, the military and tourists alike.

While visitors would like to use them, the cost makes it inaccessible and they are forced to rely on organising transport through their tour agencies instead.

A new alternative

Guam’s infrastructure has been designed for cars. With no other options, it’s no wonder that residents largely own their own vehicles and are forced to drive everywhere.

Stroll Guam’s aim is to make use of those cars to: a) help people get around more easily, b) keep more money into the local economy and c) give local people a new way to earn an additional income on their own terms.

It’s a more reliable, convenient and cheaper alternative to both overpriced taxis and dodgy public busses.

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