08 Aug Using Stroll Guam is Easy & Safe for Everyone

We know, from our own experience, that getting around Guam can be difficult, with poor public transport facilities and expensive taxis; that’s why we have created Stroll Guam, the new faster, fairer and cheaper way to travel around the island. Once you’ve downloaded the App...

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26 Jul How Stroll Guam Makes Earning Easy & Fun!

We know from our own experience that nothing beats working for yourself. You’re your own boss, you can work the hours you want, earn the money you want, live the lifestyle that suits you. Driving for Stroll Guam offers you exactly that… Work When You Want You...

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11 Jul Why Ridesharing Makes Sense

You could walk out and hail a cab on the street, but in many cities you’re not guaranteed the best or most fairly priced ride. With the rise of ridesharing apps like Stroll Guam, you can travel easier, safer and less expensively. Travel Easier With ridesharing apps,...

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How Stroll Guam is helping the Island’s youth earn their higher education.   When Stroll Guam was founded, there was much more to the start-up than creating an alternative mode of transport, as discussed in our previous blog. Founder Amit Sachdev wanted to give something back to this...

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Stroll brings a range of great economic, environmental and safety benefits to Guam. Stroll Guam is a new app that allows the island’s residents and visitors to use their smartphones to book a car with a qualified driver in order to get anywhere they want to...

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27 May On the Road – Getting Around Guam

Reliable transportation is surprisingly difficult to come across in Guam, until now. Stroll Guam was started to help solve a serious problem: it’s very difficult to get around Guam. Not only is there a lack of public transport, but private options are prohibitively expensive. Public transport In Guam,...

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12 May Stroll Sponsors – Sharing a Vision for Guam

Stroll Guam is offering a new platform to help local businesses. Stroll Guam was founded by Amit Sachdev to provide a much needed alternative to Guam’s high priced taxis and woefully inadequate public transport system. The service offers both residents and tourists a cheap, easy...

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