Amit Sachdev – CEO/Founder


Born and raised in Guam, Amit brings a wealth of local knowledge as well as experience with start-up companies. For the past 5 years, Amit’s on-going work with Teambackpack in California has given him an insight into the world of start-ups with a role as Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Merchandise Operations Manager, combining his passion with a profession. His return to Guam is all about giving back to the island in which he grew up. With Stroll, Amit hopes to build a safe, transparent and reliable company that provides jobs, opportunities and most importantly, a much easier way to travel around Guam.

Stroll was built upon two main principles:
Fairer, Inexpensive, Easier Journeys.

Taxis exists, but they’re not always the most economical way to travel. We want to provide Strollers (that’s you!) with a better way to get around Guam. Stay on schedule, pay the right price and enjoy a much more comfortable and convenient ride.

We operate as transparently as possible. We’ll let you know how your fare was broken down, where your money will go and how we’re helping to give the people of Guam something back. There’s no hidden costs, just easier and cheaper journeys for all.

Giving Back to Guam

Guam’s economy relies heavily on tourism with little to no export market. We want to boost tourism by offering a new and friendly way to travel Guam, rather than being caught out by expensive taxi rides or poor local transport.

It’s also about giving back to the people of Guam. We want to provide another source of income for the island by offering a new opportunity for work. Stroll drivers become their own boss. They can work when they want for as long as they want.

Furthermore, we’re working in partnership with the University of Guam and Guam Community College to provide students (aged 21 and over) the chance to drive for us. Students can then choose whether part of their earnings are automatically paid towards their tuition fees.